Community Based Rehabilitation

Joseph Eye Hospital, after successfully providing Eye Care Services to rural visually impaired people of Musiri Taluk in Trichy District through an unique program to the extend that National Prevention and Control of Blindness (India) and World Health Organization have declared Musiri "CATRACT FREE ZONE", has set up a Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBR) that will combine medical and social rehabilitation of Rural Disabled of Musiri Taluk in Trichy District.

Components of this program

  • Social preparation
  • Disability Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Integration
  • Education and economic productivity
  • Empowerment of the disabled
  • Formation of Self Help Groups



With professionally trained human resources, the CBR Program commenced its services from January 2003. A survey to identify the people with disability in the above-mentioned areas is ongoing. 623 clients with various disabilities have been identified till date.

Achievements in the year 2003

  • 623 clients have been identified
  • 211 are under service
  • 46 clients have received aids & appliances among which 20 clients from spastic society
  • 11 Self-help groups of the disabled among which three by women

A struggle for Independence

Gopi Krishna, a 7-year-old active boy, hails from a poor and illiterate family at Urudaayapatti. Being the first-born male child in the family, made him the most special and lovable child of the entire family. As Gopi Krishna began to grow, his parents realized that he is not normal.

When Gopi was two years old, his parents were still hopeful that the child would take his first step and speak his first word. But their dreams were shattered when they realized Gopi might have serious problems. Despite taking him to various hospitals at Trichy for treatment, Gopi showed no signs of improvement. Gopi continued to have developmental delay and problems in communicating.

With the birth of Gopi’s younger brothers, the family‚Äôs attentions were drawn towards them and Gopi was left alone with less attention and craving for love.

When we first met Gopi on 23rd March 2003, he was in a very heartrending state. There was Gopi, without any cloths, lying on the cot, all by himself. His parents were off to work and his brothers to school. His grand mother came from the near by house and told us his history.

With frequent visits and counseling we came closer to the family and made sure that Gopi was taken care of. Our first step was to maintain good hygiene and slowly we explained how regular therapy could help him to overcome his developmental delay. Soon vigorous therapy was started by our CBR worker and his entire family was involved in the rehabilitation programme.

Gopi is now able to sit cross-legged for a prolonged period of time. He is able to stand with support with bilateral ankle foot orthosis. His bilateral hand function has improved and is now independent in feeding. We are looking forward to improve his standing balance and make him independent in walking and in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as dressing and bathing. We are also to admit him in school in the coming academic year, ensuring a happier and fuller life for Gopi.