Our Counseling

Joseph Eye Hospital Counseling

Patient counseling is an important part of medical or surgical management of a disease. Every patient is made to know about the nature of the disease and the benefits of the treatment suggested by the doctor.

Our counselors are appropriately qualified and adequately trained and experienced to provide you information about all eye ailments. It is our policy not to force the patient to choose a particular service, but, to help him to make an informed decision.

Once your ophthalmologist advises you a treatment plan, you will be directed to meet one of our counselors. The counselor will explain the pros and cons of the procedure, alternatives available and cost of the procedure. Once you have made a decision to undergo the procedure, our counselor will accompany you throughout the pre-surgical work up, which included several investigations. You will never feel aloof in the process as the counselor is always with you.

The counselors do visit you before and after the surgery in the ward. They also facilitate in case if you have to complete any mediclaim. Our counselors are always available for your calls in case if you need any support, and clarifications.