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The ratio of eye specialists available in India to the target population is itself an empathetic declaration of the crying need to have more trained personnel. With abundance of clinical material, competent faculty, adequate infrastructure, bed strength of 450, qualified staff, state-of-art equipment and teaching facilities, the Institute of Ophthalmology has been producing highly trained competent eye care personnel since 1978.

Since then, the hospital has been training batches of Post Graduates in Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic Technicians, Ophthalmic Nurses, Camp Organizers and field workers.


India has the one third of world's blind and the highest rate of blindness due to malnutrition, less awareness, injuries and infections. The irony is a high percentage of this blindness could have been prevented or cured by appropriate intervention. However prevention of blindness very much suffers from availability of specialized personnel.

The inappropriateness of our health care delivery system has widened the gap between demand and supply of health care services. Healthcare is focused towards urban whereas three quarter of our population concentrated in villages. The adaptation of specialist education to meet the challenges of rural health has become an emphasis and a major need.

The main objective of this Institute is to impart education of the highest standard in the art and science of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery in a holistic approach to equip the persons involved with the spirit of service in curing blindness and promoting the eye health in full recognition of the moral and spiritual basis of life, in relation to eye health.

The training that is offered in the Institute is so designed, that when the candidates graduate, they are able to provide total medical and surgical eye care independently, either in a rural area or in our urban Institution. They are enhanced to evolve strategies for outreach programme to implement community eye health care to prevent blindness among infants and adults in addition to restructuring the life-styles of the incurable blind.


  1. Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University as a Postgraduate Teaching centre for M.S. Degree in Ophthalmology
  2. Recognized by the Medical Council of India for M.S. in Ophthalmology.

Courses and Calendar for Admission

Presently we offer only M.S. Ophthalmology course - 8 seats
Duration: 3 years
Eligibility: As prescribed by the TN Dr. MGR Medical University.


M.S. in Ophthalmology

To obtain admission in the Institution, the candidate should have appeared and have cleared PG Medical NEET exam.

Admission is done only through the Medical counselling through the Selection Committee constituted by TN Government and Central Government. We follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Central Government, State Government and the Honourable Supreme Court. NO DIRECT ENQUIRY WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

Note: The period of training is strictly full time and continuous. Private practice in any form during the pendency of the course is strictly prohibited.


Resource Centre

A good library with Medical and Ophthalmic text books & reference books, and literature supplemented by Medical Journals, Foreign and Indian, with special emphasis inophthalmology are available for the students. Museum with specimens that would aid their study has also been created. Audio-visual aids that fit into modern teaching methods are also provided.

Promotional Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in daily clinical meeting, weekly journal club meeting and periodical symposiums. The weekly online seminars, symposiums and guest lectures arranged in this Institute provides a unique opportunity for the candidates to gain immeasurable knowledge on the specialty through exchange of thoughts with a gathering of experienced specialists in Ophthalmology.


The Institute provides furnished accommodation for students inside the Hospital campus.

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