Our Chairman MESSAGE

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JEH has marked a historical path in the evolution of eye care profession in the country since the last century. Since its inception JEH had envisaged to improve the quality of life of every individual not only through restoration of sight but also by lighting up hope for those beyond remedy.

Commitment to render services with utmost skill and advanced technology led JEH to commence the practice of multispeciality in Ophthalmic practice including corneal transplant quite early in southern part of the country. Partnership with like minded service organizations aided the upgradation of equipments, then available in the developed world. Since then JEH has kept up pace with the rapidly advancing technology in Ophthalmology, both in skill upgradations and equipments in diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

Evidence based practice of medicine by competent teams, adherering to prescribed systems which minimize risk in health care delivery is ensured by requirements laid down by Accreditation Boards. Having achieved the full Accreditation of the NABH Eye care Organisations Standards, JEH is constantly striving to comply with the required standards in all its operations.

The zeal to reach all sections of the society had inspired JEH to pioneer outreach programs of comprehensive nature. The community division of JEH has offered promotive, preventive and curative services to overcome both geographical and financial accessibility barriers. Jeh is now geared to receive cerification of Accredation from NABH for the Ariyalur District Satellite center.

The Institute of Ophthalmology at JEH continues its Commitment to impart knowledge and skill transfer practices in the fields Ophthalmology, Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology academic courses and has turned out a successful first batch of Masters in Optometry.

On behalf of the Dr.Joseph Gnanadickam Gold Medal committee I congratulate Dr Mohan Rajan , who was honoured with the award, in recognition of his service to the community and the Ophthalmic fraternity.

Team JEH was much honored to receive the Rotary Annual Award for Best Performance in vision screening for the year2019 from Rotary club District 3000 and the Annual Chief Minister's Health Scheme Award for Best Performance for the year2019 from Department of Health and Family Welfare Department of Tamil Nadu Government.

I thank the Bishop, TELC, Secretary, Ven.Church Council and members of the Governing body for their blessings and able guidance. I thank CBM for their financial supports to our rehabilitation and eye care programs. I solicit my sincere thanks to all our well-wishers who have been the pillars of support in the past year.

Dr.C.A.Nelson Jesudasan